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  Tuesday, 14 March 2023
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I am using Excel 2013,

I apply 2 way the Large Formula VBA, but not working, what i am wrong, i don't know

Sub Macro1()
'1st Table Dim statement ---> Declares variables
Dim lRow As Long, lCol As Long
lRow = Range("D5").End(xlDown).Row
lCol = Range("C5").End(xlToRight).Column

'Column Count in Number
Dim k As Long, m As Long
k = Range("C5", Range("C5").End(xlToRight)).Columns.Count
'Row Count in Number
m = Range("D6", Range("D6").End(xlDown)).Rows.Count

Dim MyRange As Range
Set MyRange = Range(Range("D5").Offset(1, k + 3), Range("D5").Offset(m, k + 3))

Range("D5").Offset(2, 1 + 3).Formula = "=LARGE(" & MyRange & ",1)"


Range("D5").Offset(2, 1 + 3).Formula = "=(LARGE(" & MyRange & ",1)-" & Range("D5").Offset(1, k + 3) & ")/2"

End Sub

Kindy help me and Thanks for advance
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