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I have a large list of thumbnail image links I'm working on validating by using this function. Close to 100,000 rows. I ran this "Insert pic from URL" function in KuTools, and at first it ran quite well, processing several hundred rows per minute. When it got to around ~65k it slowed to a crawl, to approximately 12-15 rows per minute. I stopped the operation and restarted the computer, and restarted the operation and now it runs at 12-15 rows per minute right from the start. I tried a completely different file, with a different set of links, and it too ran at 12-15 rows per minute.
I have another computer which also has KuTools, and it did the same thing with the large, 100k-row file. Started fast, slowed down, now this function runs slow on all files on that computer also.
What is causing this performance slowdown, and is there a fix?
1 year ago

Sorry for the late reply. I have sent the feedback to our developer team. According to a developer, the reason may be the speed limit from the website from which you frequently extracted too many data in a short time. The Insert PIcture from Path (URL) function does not have any restrictions for users. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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