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Kutools for Word 8.90 - Release notes

Good news! Kutools for Word 8.90 is here with new handy features and enhanced improvements! You can upgrade to or have a free trial of this version by downloading from here.

Tip: full function & feature, free trial in 45 days! If the 2 years free upgrade support period is not expired, you are entitled to free upgrade this version. Please just download and install it.

New features:

1. Export Range to File:

This feature can help you to easily export a selected range in current Word document to a new file such as a Word document, a PDF file, a Text file and so on. See screenshot:

KTW-8 (1).png

2. Add Thousand Separator:

In a Word document, you may need to apply the thousand separator formatting to multiple numbers. With this feature, you can quickly add a thousand separator to all numbers in a selection or the whole document with only one click. See screenshot:

KTW-8 (2).png

3. Remove Thousand Separators

With this Remove Thousand Separators utility, you can remove all thousand separators from numbers in a selected range or the whole document at once.

KTW-8 (3).png

4. Spell Out Numbers

This utility can help to spell out all numbers in selected range or whole document in English or Chinese currency words with only one click.

KTW-8 (4).png

Spell Out Numbers in Chinese words:

KTW-8 (5).png

Spell Out Numbers in English words:

KTW-8 (6).png

5. Chinese Punctuation

This utility helps you quickly convert all English punctuations in a selection or the whole document to Chinese punctuation at once.

KTW-8 (7).png

6. English Punctuation

On the contrary, if you want to convert all Chinese punctuations to English punctuations at once in a range or the whole document, please apply this English Punctuation feature to deal with it. See screenshot:

KTW-8 (8).png

7. Clear Header Lines

This utility can help to remove all horizontal lines in document headers with one click. See screenshot:

KTW-8 (9).png

8. Insert File Information

With this utility, you can quickly insert the file name, file path into the header or footer of the Word document as you need.

KTW-8 (10).png

9. Transpose Table

This utility helps you to easily transpose rows and columns in a selected table with one click as below screenshot shown.

KTW-8 (11).png

10. Copy Hyperlink

With this utility, you can copy all hyperlinks or only the hyperlink addresses from the current document to Clipboard, and paste them to any application as you need.

KTW-8 (12).png


1. Bookmark Pane:

Support sorting all bookmarks by name or location on the Bookmark Pane.

KTW-8 (13).png

2. Organize Document Group:

Support creating a new folder when moving selected file to a new document group.

KTW-8 (14).png

3. Remove Empty Rows Cols:

This Remove Empty Rows Cols feature is updated and renamed as Delete Rows/Columns. Now, it supports not only remove empty rows and columns from tables in a selection or the whole document, but also remove duplicate rows and columns from tables. See screenshot:

KTW-8 (15).png

4. Adjust the layout of features in ribbon

1. Fixed: The Snapshot feature is invalid if the character & in the document name.
2. Fixed: Table pictures are compressed when exporting the tables to images as current table size with the Export Table to Images feature.
3. Fixed: Check Boxes are inserted as design mode with the Check Box(ActiveX Control) feature.
4. Fixed: Shapes in the empty paragraphs are removed when applying the Remove Empty Paragraph Marks feature.
5. Fixed: The size of the images are not consistent when applying the Resize Images with Selection feature.
6. Other minor bugs.
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