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Good news! Kutools for Excel 18.00 is here with new handy features and enhanced improvements! You can upgrade to or have a free trial of this version by downloading from here.

Tip: full function & feature, free trial in 60 days! If the 2 years free upgrade support period is not expired, you are entitled to free upgrade this version. Please just download and install it.

New features:

1. Super Find:

This powerful utility improves the Find function of Excel, it can help you to find and select the cells that matched a specific condition in text strings, comments, formulas, hyperlinks, cell values, and dates. It can find the cells with specific cell formatting as well. This feature can be applied in a selected range of cells, active worksheet, selected worksheets, whole workbook and all opened workbooks.

1). Find and select specific cells in text strings:


2). Find and select specific cells in comments:


3). Find and select specific cells in formulas:


4). Find and select specific cells in hyperlinks:


5). Find and select specific cells in cell values:


6). Find and select specific date cells:


7). Find and select cells with specific cell formatting:
With this option, you can quickly find and select all cells with specific formatting, such as bold cells, italic cells, merged cells, cells with comment and so on…


2. Fuzzy Lookup:

In Excel worksheet, entering a list of same text manually may contain some typos, with this feature, you can quickly check for the similar records based on character differences, and then correct them to your own text at once. See screenshot:



1. Super Filter:

Support some new operations for this utility:

1). Improve the condition edit box by adding an OK command button, see screenshot:


2). Insert Refresh option in this latest version, see screenshot:


3). Collect all toolbar features into one drop-down menu, see screenshot:


2. Create Mailing List / Send Emails:
1). Support Cc and Bcc when creating a mailing list and sending emails;
2). Support multiple attachments to be inserted into one cell without number limitation while creating a mailing list.


3). Support to insert pictures of the local disk when editing message body, see screenshot:


4). Add right-click menu in the edit message box, see screenshot:


5). Support to save the sent emails to a local folder in SMTP sent mode;
Support to set interval time when sending multiple emails.


6). Add a scenario manager for adding and managing multiple email accounts in SMTP sent mode.


7). A new status column is created to determine if the email sent successfully in SMTP sent mode, see screenshot:


3. Reading Layout:

Add Highlight the area of active cell option in the Reading Layout Settings dialog box, the active cell will not be highlighted by un-checking it. See screenshot:


4. Insert Random Data:
It supports to insert decimal numbers now, see screenshot:


5. Insert Watermark:
1). Support to insert the image watermark based on the picture scale;
2). Support the preview feature in Insert Watermark dialog box.


6. Column list:
1). Columns can be rearranged by clicking the move Up or Down arrows in the toolbar;
2). Columns can be rearranged by dragging the column record in the Column list pane.



1. Fixed: Matching pictures can only be imported once each time when there are duplicate cell values in the Match Import Pictures utility.
2. Fixed: A warning prompt box is always popped out if the first character is not ? character when typing a formula under Custom option in the Operation utility.
3. Fixed: The filter result is not correct if there are error values in the filter range of cells when applying the Super Filter feature.
4. Other minor bugs.
5 years ago
How can I upgrade my KuTools for Excel license to use version 18.0?
5 years ago
If you want to know whether you are entitled to free update to this version, please contact us via with your order information.
5 years ago
Idea for version 18.01 (i.e. would love this today...).
On the combine worksheets function, add an option to add the worksheet name as a column added to the front, or end, of every row. I.E.
Worksheet name: Apples

Column 1 name = "Color"
Row 1: Green
Row 2: Red

Worksheet name: Bananas
Column 1 name = "Color"
Row 1: Green
Row 2: Yellow
Row 3: Brown

Run combine, add worksheet name as leading column:
End result:
Worksheet name: Combined worksheet
Column 1: "Worksheet Name", Column 2: "Color"
Row 1: "Apples", "Green"
Row 2: "Apples", "Red"
Row 3: "Bananas", "Green"
Row 4: "Bananas", "Yellow"
Row 5: "Bananas", "Brown"

Lots of times I want the worksheet name as a piece of data in a column for each row. I have to manually fix that now by moving that 1 row added for each worksheet into a new column. I think this would be an easy add. You can thank me later :)
5 years ago
Thanks for the feedback.
We will take a good look at the feature and try to see what we can do with it.
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